About Us


CCM Bundle Sdn Bhd is a used clothing (bundle) company based in Port Klang, Malaysia. We process some 100 ton of second-hand clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories per week. We offer only Grade A creme clothing for export 45kg bundles for Asia and African market. We sell well sorted and highest quality used clothing for export.

CCM Bundle also offers wiper cloths and rags for cleaning industry. CCM Bundle is a committed exporter and supplier of sorted and mixed used clothes a variety of men’s, women’s and children’s garments collected from various regions of Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

The used clothing is processed at our warehouses in Malaysia, compressed into bales and/or bundles, and then loaded into a shipping container for export.

Japan and Korean Used Sorted Clothing:

We sell sorted used clothing of various types such as:

  • Women’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Women’s Winter clothing
  • Men’s Spring and Summer clothing
  • Men’s Winter clothing
  • Children’s mix clothing

The mixed-used clothing is available as Grade A or Grade B.

Grade A items are exported to various countries.

Grade B items are for wiper cloths and rags for cleaning industry.